As the night sets to morning,
Kali descends to the flowing stream.
She draws her bloody tongue inward
Into a mouth tired of war cry.
The ash that matts her skin and hair runs in small spiral whirlpools.
She breaks the sprigs of wildflowers
And takes them in, their fragrance mingling with the wet mud,

As little girls in Durga Puja recitals,
Preparations began with rubbing an icecube on the face.
To freeze drops of sweat and welcome
Thick strokes of stage makeup.
Overdrawn kohl, lipstick pasted on our mouths and then
Rubbed on the apples of our cheeks as we were told to grin but
Instead we frowned and…

It’s the early 2000’s in India and my generation is hit with puberty, the Internet & cable television. What really became of us?

I like to think my generation was truly special, which is not to say yours isn’t, but imagine waking up at the turn of the millennium to…

Yesterday, another screaming woman was held by her wrists, dragged away from her desk. Her screams don't form words but an animal anguish. Today two more follow. Soon, women are screaming on every floor.

It started with one. For her we prayed. May God make you competent, poised, accommodating, bigger…

Ch. 3 Everything I Have Learned and Can Tell You About The Menstrual Cup

Thanks for reading Cup & I, where I have journaled my shift from sanitary pads to buying a menstrual cup. …

Ch. 2 Running Out Of Excuses

Picking up right from where I left in Chapter 1 — around the beginning of 2016 when I started understanding that the silence around menstruation was not only a social problem but fundamentally environmental. I had already read up on environment friendly menstrual hygiene products. The internet that I was…

Ch 1. The Great Blind Eye In The Sky.

Cup & I is a series where I document my journey with the menstrual cup. It is a peek into my brain & lifestyle as a female through her mid 20’s in Bangalore city and what I hope becomes a dialogue on how we see waste, the environment, evolving menstrual…

You’ve lost count of the times
You push his little hands away
From your jewellery box.
Coral, Amethyst, Jade
Are not meant to add to his vocabulary.
What would he do with them?
The delight of savouring the way
Lapis Lazuli rolls off the tongue
Is not reserved for him.
You make peace, albeit too early,
that he will never…

Malvika Tewari

Absorbent & brown & porous is she.

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